This behavior as a manager immediately after the game is hard to tolerate

Local reports say England’s Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho will be hardened if he fails to win the UEFA qualification this season.

The Daily Mail of the British media said on the 20th (Korea time), “If Mourinho does not enter the top four, he will have to put down the Tottenham baton,” he said.

Tottenham lost to Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) 0-3 in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League’s Round of 16 in the 2020-2021 season after an 스포츠중계 extended game on the 19th.

In the first game, he won 2-0 and the quarter-finals were strong, but he was burdened with a shocking defeat in the second leg.

It is the second consecutive official match against Arsenal following their recent defeat in the North London Derby, which coincidentally lost all two games after Son fell to his injury.

Tottenham were once in the lead in the first half of this season and received attention, but since then, they have fallen in the rankings due to poor performance and are now in eighth place in the league (45 points). It is six points clear of fourth-placed Chelsea (51 points).

As the Europa League is eliminated, criticism of Mourinho is growing.

“If Tottenham, which has been hit by the financial blow in the aftermath of Corona 19, fails to play in the Champions League next season, the financial deterioration may be even greater,” he said.

In England, Huang Hee-chan’s team, Julian Nagelsmann of Leipzig, is a substitute for Mourinho.

Leipzig are second in the league after Bayern Munich this season and are in competition for the title.

Tottenham will play the Aston Villa away game at 4:30 am on the 22nd, and if they lose this game, there is a possibility that Mourinho’s hard pressure will increase.
Indonesia’s soccer team coach Shin Tae-yong was confirmed by Korona 19.

Shin said in a telephone conversation with NewSys on Tuesday, “Shin will be hospitalized in Jakarta after being infected with Corona 19.”

Indonesian media India Sports also reported that Shin had tested positive for Corona 19.

Shin has suffered from suspected corona 19 symptoms due to fever and lack of appetite for the past two weeks, but the voice has continued to rise and positive on the day.

Shin has been the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic team and the 2018 Russia World Cup coach, and has been leading the Indonesian national team since December 2019.

The Korean coaches who helped Shin were also infected with Corona 19.

Yoo Jae-hoon, goalkeeper coach, Kim Hae-woon, and Lee Jae-hong, physical coach, were all confirmed earlier this month.

In addition, a number of Indonesian coaches and athletes were reported to have confirmed.

Shin said, “We are in contact with the local community because we have some underlying diseases and will be hospitalized at Jakarta Hospital.”
Peter Schmeichel, who played for Manchester United, made a point about Jose Mourinho’s post-match behavior.

Tottenham Hoosper lost 0-3 to Dinamo Zagreb in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League (UEL) round of 16 in the 2020-21 season at Stadion Maximir in Zagreb, Croatia, at 2:55 am (Korea time). Tottenham, who won 2-0 in the first leg, eventually lost to the quarter-finals with a total score of 2-3.

“I was disappointed by the difference between us and the other side,” Mourinho said after the game. It is a pity this team, which has not led to the basics of football, but also the basics of life, respecting our jobs and giving everything, doesn’t need any other outside criticism. “I’ve already been hurt by the team’s performance,” he said.

“Zagreb has come to the game with a lot of hope,” said Mourinho, who also praised Zagreb. “I want to call it professional consciousness. The public is also aware of the fact that the public is celebrating the victory by visiting the locker room of Zagreb.

“I think Mourinho should be in his team locker room, and if he does, he should be in private,” said Manchester United legend goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. It’s like I was conscious of SNS and did it on purpose.”

Schmeichel also said, “Machi Mourinho seems to be trying to deny reality, and he had to emphasize that he had talked to his players about the game and got unacceptable results.If Alex Ferguson were manager, he wouldn’t have done that, first of all he would have done what he had to do in the team and then he would have expressed respect for the other personㅍ

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