I’m planning to climb Mt. Halla, so I think I’ll be back soon.

Not too long ago, the weather was so nice that I went to Jeju Olle-gil with my friends.
After walking for about 6 hours, I got a massage from Jeju Island, so I was able to build up my energy again.

The place I went to was 서해부마사지 Aroma, located in Jungang-ro, two minutes’ drive from Gwandeokjeong.

The operating hours were from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and it was easy to find because it was located on the side of the main road.
The parking lot was right next to the building, so I could use it conveniently.

When I walked up to the third floor and opened the glass door, I found the inside surrounded by cypress.
It has a cozy atmosphere and a cherry blossom tree is in full bloom, so it caught the eye.

I don’t think I cared about one place.
After looking around, the staff kindly guided me, so I decided on the course and reversed myself.

I changed my clothes first, and I saw a bed for a massage on Jeju Island.
You can take a look around, so I thought it would be nice to visit all of my family because the group is good.

It’s kept warm with a soft spread on it, and it makes me fall asleep.
Also, there were only two left, so there was a private space where we could be together.

I was thinking it would be nice to come with a lover or friend, but they prepared a car and moved.
The teapot was pretty, but the scent of the tea is not strong and soft, so it’s perfect for relaxation.

I got a cup of tea with a pretty flower on it with a subtle scent.
I didn’t even start yet, but I felt my body sink as I was already tired.

After a foot bath for real root and relax ahead of the Southern Ocean.
The soft cushion and backrest are placed so you can soak your feet without any inconvenience.

I dipped my feet in warm water, so I felt like I was already getting rid of my fatigue without getting a massage from Jeju Island.

On top of that, you dropped a few drops of aroma oil, and the scent touched the tip of my nose.
I didn’t spray it too much, so I liked it when it wasn’t disgusting and soft.

After putting my feet in the water and soaking them moist, it felt real that I came to get a massage.
The warm heated stone was also held in his hand, and the warm warmth spread all over the body.

You have to roll up your hair using a towel before it starts.
Since I put on oil or something, they paid attention to the oil on my hair in advance.

I went to the bathroom and watched my friend do it first.
I walked a lot, so I was happy to see them relax one by one.

A friend who said, “I walked on Olle-gil with my feet, but I don’t know why my arms are stiff,” was very satisfied with Jeju Island massage.
I think my shoulder was too much because I was carrying a bag around.

As expected, an expert can tell where it’s uncomfortable just by pressing something else.
Besides, the soft touch was not burdensome, so I was able to relax freely.

Afterwards, they gently rub it with a heated stone, but it feels good because it’s not cold.
I felt sleepy as I walked hard along the beach and slowly relieved my fatigue.

You even left the stones one by one on the spine.
It felt like the warmth was spreading all over the body, so I felt like my senses were waking up.

Afterwards, he gave me a round stone that looked like a pebble of the sea that I saw while walking along the Olle Road.
I had to lift the selfie stick up to take a picture, so my shoulders were stiff, but it was relieved.

Afterwards, they put the hot towel up, and I fell asleep a little bit.
I think it’s because my tiredness is completely relieved, but it’s amazing that I’ve been walking for 6 hours with Jeju Island massage at once.

Next, they gave us the leg we wanted the most. They controlled it so that it wouldn’t hurt.
It was just satisfactory to touch it thoroughly.

Thanks to your calves and thighs, you can hear the sound of coolness.
It’s the same century, so I thought it was amazing that you warmed up your upper body and lower body.

I enjoyed talking with my friend about the most beautiful place while walking around Olle-gil.
Thank you for taking care of your feet more.

After finishing the oil and stone, finish the massage on Jeju Island with a cool finish.
They wipe it off with a slightly damp towel, but the moistness remains the same.

And the staff also told me if you felt the balance and which way the weight was added.
Thanks to you, I was able to correct the wrong posture.

It was great to see the beautiful scenery, but after walking around for so long, I was very long time.
But I was so happy to be able to solve the hardships of my life here.

My friend was very satisfied with Jeju Island massage, which he used to take care of.
I’m planning to climb Mt. Halla next time, so I think I’ll come again soon.

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