Tim Buer is a European-based software company.

In retrospect, everything was a challenge, everything was new: last winter of Yang Hyun-jong (33, Texas) was everywhere, and it was a struggle to fight the variable.

Unlike expectations, he did not receive a contract to guarantee MLB. At a time when the possibility of staying in Korea was increasing, Yang Hyun-jong expressed his sincerity as an MLB challenge. After seeing the inning digestion ability of Yang Hyun-jong, MLB teams showed interest and signed a split contract proposal for Texas. He left late, arrived late at the camp, and made his first appearance in the demonstration game late, and had to finish what others would do in a month, and Yang Hyun-jong in a full moon.

Despite the many handicaps, he survived until the end; it was an easy environment, but he showed his ability in the demonstration. He pitched 913 innings in four games (one start), going with a 3.86 ERA. When the players who started ahead of him fell one by one to the minor leagues, Yang Hyun-jong’s name was on the camp list until the end, which means he overtook a lot of players.

Nevertheless, the team cannot guarantee the addition of the roster to the major leagues yet. Texas is expected to open with 13 pitchers, according to local media reports. The players who have already confirmed their joining of the rosters have already been released through an interview with coach Chris Woodward, and it seems possible to join Yang Hyun-jong only if there is another spot in the pitching team. If you don’t get into the opening roster, you don’t know how long your minor league life will last – you need to be vacated.

But Yang does not regret it at all. Perhaps at a time when life is about to make important decisions, Yang laughs that he has enjoyed everything so far. He said he had done his best in a given situation and now waited for a decision, but he was not sure he was going to be able to make a decision.

“I think it was good that I didn’t get sick during the camp first, and it was easy for my team mates to adapt in the first environment,” Yang said in a video interview with the media after finishing the start with Cincinnati on the 25th. I had a good competition, but I think it’s time to get a lot and learn a lot. “” I was nervous when I started my first game, but I went on the mound for a long time in the first game and made a fun pitch. “I think he had a good pitch to catch a batter on the mound until the fourth game.” There was no regret in his tone.

Now, Yang will finish the exhibition game with his 30th start. Woodward will also watch Yang Hyun-jong’s last start and arrange the opening pitcher Roster. “I wish I could hear it (in the opening roaster), but I think I should leave it to the coaching staff decision,” Yang said. Attention is focusing on whether Yang Hyun-jong, who did his best, will be able to achieve the desired results after passing the final hurdle.
The new season’s United 스포츠중계 uniform will be located in the heart of the emblem, logo and sponsor.

“Puty Headlines,” a soccer equipment specialist, released a graphic on the 30th (Korea time), saying, “We have obtained the home uniform design for Manchester United players in the 2021-22 season.”

The United uniform in the graphics shows that much has changed compared to the existing uniforms. First, the main sponsor has changed. United have been emblazoning the Chevrolet logo on their chests for the past seven years, but will collaborate with Team Viewer for five years from the new season. Tim Buer is a European-based software company.

There is another difference: United have put the club emblem in their left chest and the Adidas logo on their right breast, but plan to place both in the middle of the 2020-21 season. The emblem was at the top, the Adidas logo was at the bottom, and the sponsor was at the bottom.

However, the media added, “We do not know what form the corporate logo of the main sponsor team viewer will be carved,” adding that it was not decided whether to divide Team and Viewer into lines or to place them in one line.The uniform background color is the same color as the 2020-21 season uniform.

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