I feel that I’m systematically managing

I’ve been feeling a little bit squirm and a little shoulder-kicked lately. You know this feeling, right?

So last week, I went to get an aroma massage in Gimpo after an annual visit

There is a sign that is just as big as you can see from under the building!

I wanted to release the shoulder bundle once, so I went up one step.

It’s not like the spa that looks different from the outside

It’s pretty, 강남피쉬안마 but I felt comfortable

If the body or skin care visits the spa

You’re not doing care on a first come, first served basis

I’ll have to make a reservation and visit

Trinity Wave Hannam Branch with luxurious interiors

I’m not sure I’m in the hotel

I’ve got a modern and sophisticated setup

I’ve seen the interiors that stand out

I was more satisfied with the cleanliness

The staff, as well as the visitors, wear masks

the body temperature check and disinfection are thoroughly

I’m not gonna let you know

I was so relieved to visit

I’ll see you in a crowded place.

This place is doing so well in cleanliness

I was relieved

There were many skin-related programs

I was relieved that the body program also has a variety of different types

Massage was going on depending on the symptoms or the area

I also saw a program on hips.

I just wanted to get a good job and I decided to take a consultation

First, after you’ve charted it, you can take a closer look

I recommend you a program, but it’s a new way

You can only see that I wrote it down

He knew what he was thinking

It’s a magnificent front as soon as you walk in. It’s a very large massage shop among massage shops

The clean interior also stands out, a large-scale massage shop.

There are a lot of massage rooms and a pretty wide interior!

I’ll go get dressed before I get a massage!

The dressing room is set up separately in the women’s dressing room/male dressing room

You’ve got a sink, a bathroom, a shower room in the women’s dressing room?

There’s a rare shower, but it’s also huge

I want you to open your feet before you get your massage

I love this time. I’m so excited before I get a massage!

You gave me a herb tea while I warmed up!

I was the only guest who visited on weekdays, so I took off the mask for a while and drank herbal tea.

I’m in the room for a massage!

I was guided because I visited alone. I received upper body aroma, don’t you think?

I usually don’t let you loose before you get an aroma massage!

Yogi was gonna let you go first so you could relex?

I liked this part the most so that I can feel better when I get an aroma massage!

Another advantage is that there are only Korean massagers.

If you are sick or especially want to solve it, you can make it easier in Korean.

I liked it so much that you could understand and release it right away!

It’s a great place for couples to come to get it!

There’s also a separate two-bedroom, so it’s great to have your parents there

I found out about the massage shop last year, but now I’ve visited. There were three managers, now two.

I made a reservation at Naver and I can not make reservations on Saturdays and Sundays.

I was more convinced that the manager had a certificate, and when I made a reservation, I informed him that it was the day of the visit by text and once more when the time was near.

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