Let’s find the beauty that was forgotten during the housekeeping period again!

I’ve been staying at home for a long time since last year.
Of course I’m decorating.

Even washing up.
I’ve become lazy.

Pretty, delicious, hip.
It’s the lifeblood of looking around.

It’s getting impossible, so everything’s gonna be fine.
I lost my motivation.

짭까사이 After months like that, I looked in the mirror.
You look familiar, but you’re not familiar with it!

It’s none other than management and less attention.
I was left defenseless.

I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, so I thought I was going to do
I was searching for the required course.

Aesthetic Shop
I made a choice.

It’s famous for its facial massage.
for over 10 years across the country

Where you’ve been running a franchise,
It’s Gainmi.

It’s already well known to influencer.
Not only young people, but also regular customers for many years.

People in their 30s and 40s are constantly…
It’s a place to use.

The main focus of the facial massage is
Not only skin care,

It’s to restore the broken face.
High quality cosmetics made by themselves and

Through RBT Technology,
It’s a place that improves post-care satisfaction.

First of all, from the first visit, unlike anywhere else,
It’s a reliable place.

First of all, the pleasant indoor environment.
I liked it the most.

It’s a place where a lot of people come and go.
These days, hygiene and quarantine are on the go.

This is Corona.
Just like now before.

They’ve been strictly controlled.
You can tell by looking at the tight gown with the line alive!

In these days when distancing is emphasized,
I’ll leave as much time as I can to make a reservation.

In a private room
I’ll take care of it alone.

beds and bedding, gowns,
Use towels and all maintenance products only once.

It’s mandatory to check for fever and sterilize your hands before entering.
The janitors are not only required to wear masks.

I’ve got an antibacterial virus patch on my body.
They’re blocking it completely.

All the appliances that were used once,
It’s only after washing and disinfection.

Especially the non-washable bed.
It is disinfected with antibacterial agents every time.

Some of the parts that quarantine companies sterilize frequently.
It’s a very reassuring point.

These days, even if you go to eat,
We’re going to check out the “Relaxation Store” mark.

This is the place.
That’s the case.

The facial massage has a lot of chin fat, like me.
If you have a bad habit of holding your chin up frequently,

You have to get it once.
And these days, it’s a continuous process.

Because of wearing a mask.
The skin condition inside it gets messed up more easily.

Even with deep cleansing and moisturizing.
You have to pay attention.

In the middle of winter, there’s moisture in the mask.
There was a little blister around my mouth.

You’ve left it unattended.
My dry skin has become extremely dry.

On a house-poke day, you can easily wash your face-to-face.
The sebum quickly builds up.

on one’s natural pores
I also left a trace.

After consulting to analyze the skin type,
After deciding on a program,

On the first day, there’s a cleansing routine.
It’s taken care of.

Because of the water washing that was simpler than the cat washing,
There must have been a buildup of waste deep into the pores.

After the care, I feel like I’ve removed my old stain.
My face tone was upgraded.

There’s another reason I like this place.
Even if it’s the same program,

Depending on the skin type, the care process is
It’s going to be a little by little.

That’s how personalized care is.
It’s provided.

And the more rounds you make, the more you’ll be able to make it.
You can see that the level of care changes from time to time.

One day, I had a binge of the previous day.
We arrived with a swollen face.

After an hour and a half of care,
It was in incredibly good condition.

When I saw the reviews before and after the visit,
The most satisfying part was this.

I knew it. That’same point.
I enjoyed it.

As time goes by, the meridian massage continues.
I can feel it right away.

The fat on the jaw, which was the most complex.
Every time I go, I feel like I’m being organized.

Actually, until I put on a mask,
I’ve always cared, and when it comes to important things,

I used to do shading, too.
It’s impossible these days.

rather than the most fundamental
It’s important to take care of the line.

It’s the right time these days.
I’m taking a leisurely reservation.

Before that, I’m going to be thorough.
They say it was operated on a reservation basis.

In fact, there’s a certain amount of management.
We need absolute time.

There’s something that’s added when you need it.
If we have a waiting time, we’ll have our customers, our employees,

It’s hard to find.
It could happen.

It’s a reservation system that prevents it.
Less waiting time.

without unnecessary waste of time
If we get there on time,

You can fill up your precious time.
Also, follow the lost beauty.

Wouldn’t a face massage be just a good name?
I thought about it once.

But now that I’ve had regular service,
That’s why once you get an aesthetic,

I think you can’t hang up.
You’ll never be able to imitate it with home care.

That’s a beauty tip.
I experience it.

With the coming of spring,
There seems to be a significant increase in the number of visitors here.

Every time I make
The phone’s on fire.

And so does the aesthetic season.
It’s spring and summer.

In the past, only body care was for the season.
I thought I’d go.

Skin care in the first half of the year.
It’s a must-have beauty item.

The more I’m reluctant to go out,
It’s easy to be negligent.

at times like this
You’d better get professional care.

I’m getting rid of the fat on my jaw.
Even though I haven’t lost weight,

Did you go on a diet?
I’m often asked questions.

In the meantime, I’m going to go on a full-fledged diet.
I decided to step up the pace.

Ga In Mi

If you’re thinking of a facial massage,
Make sure to read the real reviews.

The size of the store and the system.
Be sure to weigh it.

It’s been a decade or so without much adverts.
You’ll know there’s a reason for that.

Take care of your own beauty items.
Let’s find the beauty that was forgotten during the housekeeping period again!

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