And you also used the ear therapy as a service

I’m just saying that when I get tired of my hard schedule
Jeju Island Massage Shop was really satisfying

I like the reviews left by those who have visited, but I chose them
It’s definitely the best service

I wonder if there are people who are looking for a good place like me
I’d like to introduce you

We started at the Jungmun Tourist Complex, so we’re only five minutes away
I didn’t get caught

Of course, he drove and visited after the reservation.

When I arrived, I saw the parking lot space behind the shop
It’s wider than I thought, so I can easily park
It was nice to be able to

This is a place where you can go to get a massage
It’s a hallway, and it’s been really cleanly managed

You know, I’m not sure you care
I saw it!

One space is filled with products that are used to manage
It was sitting there, and it was good to be able to see it with your eyes

I’ve never seen anything before, but I’m asking
He was kind to me.

If you’re interested, you can ask yourself
I think it’ll help

It’s a burden if it’s too expensive

But this wasn’t even an expensive price range
It was reasonable to have aroma foot bath service

Next time, I want to take a hand care

to get the necessary information and change the clothes
I moved to the locker room

I put the clothes I was wearing in the locker and prepared it
I had to change, but it was very neat

The smell was good and it doubled.

The first place you showed me was a foot bath
It was a space, a little dark, but
I felt like I was feeling calm and unsettled

I was able to appreciate the sky view outside because it was a bongchang

Jeju Island massages also gave a certain satisfaction
It’s also really nice to have such a beautiful view

Most of the other shops are covered up or have no windows

I think the stress of the heart is blowing from this point on

Flowers in the water to soak your feet and smell good
He’s sprayed me with something
It is strange and somehow strange to see the water that is reddish
You know, you were gonna melt

The body that circulates at moderate temperatures
I was tired and I was asleep

Surely, if you’re comfortable with your feet, you’re gonna be better
It was a chance to honor the story

And you brought me a cup of warm tea, and I was able to relax
I also felt safe.

It was a very nice car, but I remember
I should have done it. Next time I went to get a massage on Jeju Island
I’m gonna have to ask him if he goes

The next move was to have a spa
He asked me what kind of drink you were going to have
It was all for this

I felt like I was being treated like a queen by oiling into the bathtub

the water fills the bathtub and the oil is sprinkled
He explained one by one
I don’t know if you’re gonna spray it differently
I think this was really good for me

I’m sure the skin’s texture is different

I’m feeling it slowly from the legs
The bubble is really soft

Especially, the fragrance that comes out in a soft way
It’s too much!

I played with Mongolian bubbles
Time passed too soon

When you take care, you get bored when you get too long
It’s a style, but I didn’t even know it was going to be a day

How nice it is to have a cool drink
I still remember that day
I’m just trying to get my tired body
I could feel it as it was

The next course I moved was the bed that was right next to me
the clean towel is laid and the Jeju Island massage is received
I also see a lot of products I use

I started to lie down and get care of myself as you told me

First, he applied oil to his skin.

You can explain the product and ask questions one by one
You told me everything. You were kind enough to tell me
It’s easy to understand and comfortable

This is what I used, but I’m not sure
I know it’s good!

I don’t know if it’s the only product we use here
I’m just gonna ask you next time I visit

It’s definitely high-end oil, but it’s smooth skin

the oil is spread on the whole body and it puts pressure on the hand
It wasn’t stimulating. It was good
Your touch is definitely smooth, and you need only
He managed it in time, so he could have left it behind.

I’ve been driving, and I’ve been working on it
He used a warm stone to release me

I thought it might hurt a little bit, but it didn’t

If the weight is put into the hand and it presses, the warmth like that
It’s been reported, but after I did this
I mean, I’ve had some good digestion

I can not feel the experience that I can not feel elsewhere.
I don’t know how good it 강남피쉬안마 was to know

You put it up like this after the care is over

It was a little hot, but it seemed to be steaming later
I’m used to it. I can’t believe there’s nothing like this
I hope you will accept those who visit

I put a pack on my face and then I slept a little
I think I slept. I feel hot and I feel cool in my face
It was a taste sniper

And you also used the ear therapy as a service
I was just grateful that I didn’t pay for it separately

An official who is bound to be satisfied with the therapy
It’s finished, and it’s not a good idea
I don’t think the perfect service is going anywhere
There’s a reason for the good reviews

The Jeju Massage Shop also had a membership certificate

I’ve never seen anything like this before, but it’s a novelty and acknowledging
Now, I think that I should make care of my travels
It was a very valuable time

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